Live Performance
mit Waldemar Tatarczuk
5 min

Video Otwarcie

The title of Elisa's performance was "Otwarcie" (Polish "Opening") and it was introductory in very many ways. The artist put against her ear one end of a long plastic, ribbed pipe through which she was given in Polish the details of the festival schedule and planned events. Elisa was trying to repeat Polish words but the language filtered through a long pipe turned out to be a serious challenge. All this resulted in the transmission being in majority not understandable and seriously distorted. The dry, technical text concerning schedule issues transformed into a linguistic hybrid and its own reflection.

The term "introduction" means a "lead-in" but in biology for instance, it can be also referred to a species moving to a new geographical area. The artist conducted a sui generis transposition at the communicational level. A whole experience was as if a virus infected the rules defining the order and etiquette of speeches(organisers, curators etc.). A virus which disturbed the whole inauguration proceedings. The disturbance was caused by both the language barrier and the pipe itself, the latter resembling a child play of grapevine telegraph. Communication between a sender and a recipient never seems to be fully transferred. There are a lot of additional factors which distort the message resulting in various misunderstandings.

A couple of times later, during the evening discussion the idea of art without boundaries was mentioned especially in reference to performance art itself. It seems to me that Elisa's project is actually showing that despite our will to trespass those boundaries, to cancel them, the barriers will always exists and disturb the communication and our intentions will never become fully legible to others. But such communicational duels have always been an integral part of the interactions between human beings.
Marta Ryczkowska

Festival Galerie Arsenal, Bialystok, Polen